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     So let's address the big question.  Why does this website exist? After all, the band Unsheltered disbanded nearly 20 years ago, didn't they? So, what's the story?

The answer is straightforward. However, allow me to offer some context first. My name is Chris Harris, and I'm the individual sitting on the roof of the truck in the promotional photo. For approximately nine years, I had the privilege of collaborating and making music with a group of exceptionally skilled friends.

Throughout those years, our band underwent several name changes as different members joined and departed.

Left to right; Chris Harris (rhythm guitar), Donald Parrish (lead vocals), Brian Hunsucker (drums), Patrick Payne (bass guitar), and Braden Harwood (lead guitar/vocals)

Our journey began during our high school years in 1995 under the name Faeraby. From 1995 to 1997, we transitioned to Flipside before returning to Faeraby from 1997 to 2000. Finally, we settled on the name Unsheltered, which lasted from 2001 to 2004.

Throughout these band name changes, I have always considered Don, Brad, and myself as the core members. This distinction is not a reflection of talent or ability but rather based on the fact that we played together consistently across all these bands.

Patrick would be the next in line, having been a part of all the bands except for the initial run as Faeraby.

Lastly, Brian holds the honorary status of being the last core member. Among our four different drummers, he played with us for the longest duration.

Left to right:  Chris Harris, Brian Hunsucker, Don Parrish, Patrick Payne, Braden Harwood.

Returning to the reason behind the existence of this site, I embarked on this project with the intention of preserving our music and the chapter of our lives it represents. As time goes by, photographs fade, cassette tapes and VHS tapes deteriorate, digital files become corrupted, and CDs acquire scratches. Unfortunately, these natural processes are unavoidable.

Furthermore, I discovered that as the years passed, other priorities in my life made it increasingly challenging to maintain track of the various photos, songs, and videos. There was always a lingering concern that I might accidentally delete the last remaining copy of one of our songs.

As the custodian of these diverse media formats, I felt a sense of responsibility to safeguard our accomplishments from those years and ensure that they do not simply fade away into oblivion.

The initial step involved finding a suitable public portal to store and share the content. After careful consideration, I opted for UnshelteredOnline.com, as it was the last URL associated with our band. It felt fitting to host music from all three bands under this shared name.

The subsequent task proved to be both the most challenging and rewarding. Over the past couple of years, I have dedicated countless hours to converting, restoring, and enhancing old recordings. These efforts have culminated in the creation of new music videos.

Some of these music videos feature enhanced original live audio, while others showcase live video performances that have been meticulously re-timed and synchronized with "studio" recordings. An excellent example of this approach is the video for "One by One," where live video performances have been seamlessly synced with a studio recording.

Sample of the original footage vs enhanced footage with enhance live audio.  

To clarify, when I mention the term "studio," it is used in a broad sense, as we never had the opportunity to record in a professional recording studio.

However, we were fortunate to have some wonderful associates who possessed decent recording equipment. One notable recording session took place in 2003 at Joe Unik's studio. Joe utilized Cool Edit Pro to record, mix, and master our song, "One by One." This marked our first experience with a 100% digital recording, and the results surpassed our previous recordings, which were captured using a four-track cassette recorder.

Despite being paralyzed from the waist down due to a car accident, Joe's determination as a drummer remained undeterred. He had a specially designed mouthpiece that allowed him to operate the bass drum, showcasing his exceptional talent for recording drums. I am immensely grateful for his exceptional work.

Clockwise from top left:  Chris Harris (guitar), Donald Parrish (vocals), Braden Harwood, (guitar/vocals), Patrick Payne (bass guitar), Brian Hunsucker (drums), Joe Unic (Damned Productions sound engineer)

Radio ad for Unshletered that aired on 106.5 FM. 

Unsheltered interview

When discussing the history of Unsheltered, it is essential to acknowledge the significant contributions of several other key individuals, one of whom is Danny Mitchell. Danny played a crucial role in rescuing the band during a period when Brian took a hiatus for personal reasons.

Danny proved to be an exceptional drummer, swiftly adapting to our music and minimizing any downtime. I vividly recall his infectious, carefree spirit, which brought a sense of joy to our band. This exuberance was also reflected in his playing style.

As fate would have it, Danny and I swiftly formed a bond based on our shared love for music and lowriders. It's amusing how certain memories remain vivid while others fade. I can recall the shows we played, the wonderful moments we shared, and a sense of familiarity as if we had known each other for a lifetime. However, the details of his introduction to the band or how we first crossed paths remain elusive. It's as if he appeared out of nowhere and then, just as abruptly, departed from our lives.

Left to right; Patrick Payne (bass guitar), Donald Parrish (lead vocals),  Braden Harwood (lead guitar/vocals), Chris Harris (rhythm guitar), and Danny Mitchell (drums)

There is one particular memory involving Danny that still makes me cringe when I recall it. He had invited us to a party at his house, although I cannot recollect exactly who else was in attendance. Upon arrival, I discovered it was a pool party. While we were horsing around, I impulsively tossed Danny into the pool, assuming it was harmless as he was wearing swim trunks. However, as he resurfaced, I could sense that something was wrong from the expression on his face. 

Gradually, he emerged from the water, retrieving his cell phone from one swimsuit pocket and a full pack of cigarettes from the other. I felt terrible in that moment. Even now, the memory causes me to cringe whenever it comes to mind. Danny, to his credit, took it in stride, but I couldn't help feeling like a complete idiot.

In addition to playing with Unsheltered, Danny also played guitar alongside me during the filming of Fast Track to Fame. Together, we performed a song titled "Shine," which I had written for Christie.

Members of Unsheltered, plus Danny Mitchell, Kim Newton , and Jason Huneycutt

Left to Right -  Mark Coble and Jason Honeycutt

We must acknowledge Jason Huneycutt as another honorary member of Unsheltered. If you were to consult Webster's dictionary for the definition of a true friend, you would discover a photo of Jason. His contributions to the band were immeasurable. He assumed multiple roles, serving as our dedicated roadie, security guard, promoter, videographer, workout partner, and even our roommate. Many of the videos showcased on this site owe their existence to Jason's efforts.

While working at OfficeMax, Jason invested in a video camera and diligently filmed nearly every show he attended. Unlike the rest of us, who had jobs that revolved around the band's schedule, Jason held a full-time job, making his commitment even more remarkable. Notably, he proudly displayed a sizable Unsheltered logo on the rear window of his Honda Civic. It is worth emphasizing that Jason was an unparalleled source of support and friendship.

Before the formation of Unsheltered, we were part of a band known as Faeraby, which remained active from around 1997 to 2000. 

Reflecting on our music from that period, there is an evident contrast in sound. During Faeraby's era, we incorporated more acoustic elements, adopted a slightly softer approach, and embraced an overall warmer tone. One could say that the music of Faeraby was characterized by a lesser degree of heaviness and aggression compared to the music produced by Unsheltered. 

Faeraby group photo  February 29, 2000.  Left to right:  Todd Crump (drums), Donald Parrish (lead vocals), Braden Harwood (lead guitar/vocals), Chris Harris (rhythm guitar), and Patrick Payne (bass guitar) 

In addition to the contrasting musical styles, Faeraby also featured a different drummer named Todd Crump. Todd was an exceptionally skilled drummer with a distinctive style. I have vivid memories of his high-hat setup, which he would meticulously adjust so that the upper and lower cymbals would come close to touching when it was open. When struck with his drumstick, it produced a unique sound, reminiscent of a tambourine.

One particular highlight for me is listening to Todd's exceptional drumming on the songs recorded at the Double Door Inn. His playing adds a special quality to those recordings, making them especially enjoyable to listen to.

Collage of photos - Location - Frog Pond, NC -  Todd Crump (drums), Donald Parrish (lead vocals), Braden Harwood (lead guitar/vocals), Chris Harris (rhythm guitar), and Patrick Payne (bass guitar) 

Before the formation of Faeraby, we were part of a band called Flipside, which remained active from approximately 1995 to 1997. 

This period marks the very beginning of our musical journey, as a group of high school friends united with the common goal of creating music together. It was during these formative years that we laid the foundation for our musical endeavors. 

Flipside group photo 1997.  Left to right:  Chris Harris (rhythm guitar), Robby Johnston (Drums), Donald Parrish (lead vocals), Joey Buiwe (rhythm/lead guitar), and Patrick Payne (bass guitar) 

Throughout the years, we had the incredible fortune of performing our own original compositions as well as captivating cover songs in front of thousands at numerous venues across North and South Carolina. The experience was nothing short of exhilarating, to say the least. We cherished every moment and created memories that will last a lifetime. 

Tour van #2 and trailer